Friday, January 11, 2008

Top 10 Questions

Here are the top 10 questions asked here. Most of them come from our students at Texas A&M University and Blinn College.
The first one gets (on average) at least 1-2 searchers a day looking for an answer here.

1 - Is getting drunk a mortal sin?

2 - What is so wrong about cheating anyway?

3 - How far is too far when dating?

4 - Is it wrong to use contraception?

5 - What is wrong with cohabitation? Part II (stats).

6 - What is purgatory? Where did it come from?

7 - What was Vatican II about? Part II.

8 - What can you tell me about Lent?

9 - How do I get more out of Mass?

10 - Why do we have to suffer?

Remember that if you have a question. Then shoot us an email.
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Daughter Of St.Francis said...

LOL You forgot "Do Catholics worship Mary and the Saints?" I get so tired of that one.
Pax et Bonum