Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seek His Face

FROM SARAH (who is having trouble logging in).

My dog loves to go on walks. No surprise. Most dogs do.

My dog has become very adept at figuring out the “signs” of a walk. First she learned what the jingle jangle of her collar and leash sounded like. Then she learned the word “walk” to which she runs around in circles very excitedly. (Don’t say the word “walk” in her presence unless you’re willing to take her on one.) Next she figured out the crinkling sound of old grocery bags which I take with me just in case. She learned which shoes I wear for walking purposes vs. which shoes I wear for other things. She even discovered which clothes are walking clothes vs. working clothes. Pretty smart.

But today she surpassed even that. Before I reached for the collar, said the favorite word, or put on my tennis shoes . . . she knew. I was simply heading to my room to change . . . and she knew.

How? She watched my face. As I continued to get ready to go she got more excited with each step. Walking pants! Her tail began to wag. Walking shoes!! Her whole body began to wag. The word “walk”!!! She began running in circles. But in between each phase of readiness, she kept looking to my face. Did these signs indeed mean what she hoped they did?! Yes. I was making eye contact, smiling and talking to her. She knew.

And it hit me.

So often when we are trying to make decisions - trying to figure out God’s will - we look only at the signs. We analyze the signs. Sometimes we obsess over the signs. As if the signs themselves will give us all the answers.

We forget to look to His face. We forget to seek the face of God! We try (often unknowingly) to substitute external signs for an interior relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. Signs are good. Circumstances, situations and the words of others can definitely point us to the will of God. But in order to understand and act on what they reveal we must have a relationship with the One Who gives them. We must look to His face, seeking a relationship with Him in prayer. We must seek the Answer-er, not just the answer.

This is the only way to know. Let us seek His face.

Thou hast said, "Seek ye my face." My heart says to thee, "Thy face, LORD, do I seek."
Psalm 27:8

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