Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Morning Tidbits

*Pope Benedict XVI says that miracles are God's way of showing how near He is to man. "The lordship of God is thus manifested in the total healing of man." Read more.

*In another address, PB16 spoke of being missionaries in charity: "May all our contemporaries stand beside their brothers and sisters in humanity. Each one of you is called by Christ and must be a missionary of the Good News in word and in active charity." Read more.

*In yet another address, PB16 spoke about the call to richer countries to help the poorest countries. I agree we need to do more, but throwing money at the countries isn't the only solution. There is a lot of corruption, war, greed and other problems within the poorest countries that keep them poor. Read more.

*While the sentiment is nice, the obstacles to overcome are real. The World Council of Churches is an organization of (mostly) mainline churches and Protestant denominations. One of their goals is ecumenism. The head of the WCC calls for open communion, but the implication, at least for Catholics, is that if this is to happen, there has to be a change in the understanding of the Church, the papacy, The Holy Eucharist, the priesthood, etc. on the parts of the non-Catholics before this could happen. Read more.

*Vatican calls for a global moratorium on abortion. Read more.

*SCOTUS Justice Scalia says that "It is blindingly clear that judges have no greater capacity than the rest of us to determine what is moral". This might get some people up in arms, as if he isn't living out his Catholic identity. But, that isn't the case. He is right. Judges aren't supposed to be arbiters of morality. But, as he says - "The principal function of the courts is not to do what the majority wants, but what the Constitution prescribes". Right. Read more.

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