Thursday, January 31, 2008

From The Vatican

*"If a parish does not evangelize, it is only a building." From a Vatican official who then lays out the four steps to making a parish missionary.
  1. The parish community must move away from a maintenance model to a missionary model -- if the only thing we do is repair the buildings, this will kill us spiritually
  2. Parishes need "to move away from a spirit of pessimism to a spirit of optimism."
  3. Priests who still think the “mission is the sole responsibility of clerics," and that "priests should decide everything by themselves" need to "share with the laity."“Each layperson is a potential missionary."
  4. Involve as many people as possible: "associations, groups, men, women, youth and even children -- and be courageous to go into uncharted areas, look for new methods and means."
Good advice.

*From the Pope:
The harmony between faith and reason means above all that God is not far away; he is not far from our reasoning or from our lives; he is close to every human being, close to our hearts and close to our reason if we truly follow his path.

The presence of God in man is deep and at the same time mysterious. Distance from God means distance from oneself.

A man who is distant from God is also distant from himself, estranged from himself, he can find himself only by meeting God. This path leads to himself, to his true self and identity.

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