Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Morning Manger Scenes

*The Pope on the real meaning of Christmas:
Joy enters the hearts of those who put themselves at the service of the smallest and poorest. God resides in those who love in this way, and he animates them with joy. If instead happiness is made an idol, then the road to true joy, the joy of which Christ speaks, is impossible to find. Unfortunately this is the proposition of cultures which place individual happiness in the place of God, a mentality which finds its emblematic effects in the search for pleasure at all costs, in the spreading of the use of drugs as an escape, a refuge in an artificial paradise, which reveals it to be just an illusion. Dear brothers and sisters, even at Christmas you can make a wrong turn, and mistake the real feast with that which does not open hearts to the joy of Christ.
Read the entire homily.

*Speaking of trying to manufacture happiness, In-Vitro Fertilization clinics have now started screening out babies because of a high-cholesterol gene. Since I have inherited high cholesterol from my parents (though it is under control by medication), I guess I am a candidate for being culled as well.

*Oh my! The Horror! The White House dares to send out a Christmas card that contains actual Scripture verses! AAAHHHHH!

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