Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Question.

The APA is asking a very good question. The problem is, the answer was already provided, but they didn't want to hear it. Why? Because the answer came from Christianity.

The over-sexualization of our culture will be a major reason for western society's downfall unless we quickly start to reverse the trend.

On a related note, women who have breast implantation surgery are much more likely to commit suicide. Again, the answer to the problem is simple. When women (or men) try to find happiness or self-worth in sex, they inevitably end up less happy than before.

Our worth is found in a relationship with God. Because our dignity comes from God and we cannot fully understand that dignity without a true relationship with the one who has implanted it within us. But, because our culture says that we have no worth outside of our own selfish pleasure, we are on a path of destruction and grief, not happiness and glory.


Al said...

To be fair, the answer didn't quite "come from Christianity." The best recent books on this situation, after all, were written by an Orthodox Jew (Wendy Shalit). Maybe it would have been better to say they come from Judeo-Christian ethics.

Still, I know what you meant, but just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Marcel said...

Al - Thanks. My point wasn't so much where the original answer came from, but rather that our culture cannot be turned around unless Christians are the driving force.