Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Wrongful Birth" Lawsuit

A couple has been awarded $21 million for a "wrongful birth" of a disabled child. They claim they would have had the child aborted had they known it was going to be disabled.

This is a very frightening precedent. Are children all supposed to be perfect? Are we supposed to be the judges of what lives are worthy of living and which are not? Pray! Pray hard for our leaders, our judges, our society!

When the lives of the most vulnerable are optional, then all life is optional. There is no more vulnerable life than that of a disabled baby in a mother's womb right now in our society.

One of the lawyers is quoted as saying:
I believe that this case is so powerful and this tragedy was so preventable and is so poignant, that it is the kind of case that should rise above the fray and rise above party politics
This is why he wants the Florida legislature to lift caps on the lawsuit because the Doctor works for a state agency.


Anonymous said...

"Mommy, why are we rich?"

"Well, son, Dad and I would have killed you if a doctor had told us that you're defective and that we'd have to care for you. Since he didn't, and you were born, we got money instead. We're forced to live with you and care for you by law, so we had to get something for our troubles."

assistive technology said...

Since people can't sue God, they're coming as close as they can. I think that the worst thing about wrongful life law suits is that they usually aren't done from the parents point. They're done from the children's. The children are sueing because the parents don't think that they should have been alive.

Apostolic Anchoress / Rowena Hullfire said...

About a week ago, in my local paper, a couple is suing their doctors for failing to diagnose a RARE genetic disorder in their child, who died before reaching age 1. (No brain hemisphere lateralization.) They begrudge not having "options."

I am disgusted by such wrongful birth lawsuits. I am sorry for their suffering and loss and grief, but they had the opportunity to love the child during its time on this earth.

I firmly believe they have lost any merit from their sacrificial love due to suing to desire its abortion instead!

(I say it because I can't remember if the child was a boy or a girl.)