Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mom? Sis? Help Me Out Here...

A seven year-old girl with a condition that almost always makes women infertile has been given the gift of her mother's eggs. That is right! A child's mother will freeze some eggs so her seven year-old daughter can use them if she wants to when she gets older.

This is another extreme example of how we are becoming manufacturers of life, rather than the caretakers of it.

This line, in particular, stands out to me:
We were very sensitive to the ethical issue
It seems as if sensitivity is all that is required to make an "ethical" choice.

I know there are many people who want to know what is wrong with such a practice. The issue lies in treating babies, and their conception, as commodities or things. It also removes procreation from the marital act between man and wife and makes creation a thing done by people in scrubs using microscopes. In other words in vitro fertilization must take place.

As the Congregation for the Docrtrine of the Faith writes in Donum Vitae:
Human procreation requires on the part of the spouses responsible collaboration with the fruitful love of God; the gift of human life must be actualized in marriage through the specific and exclusive acts of husband and wife, in accordance with the laws inscribed in their persons and in their union.

Human embryos obtained in vitro are human beings and subjects with rights: their dignity and right to life must be respected from the first moment of their existence. It is immoral to produce human embryos destined to be exploited as disposable "biological material". In the usual practice of in vitro fertilization, not all of the embryos are transferred to the woman's body; some are destroyed. Just as the Church condemns induced abortion, so she also forbids acts against the life of these human beings. It is a duty to condemn the particular gravity of the voluntary destruction of human embryos obtained 'in vitro' for the sole purpose of research, either by means of artificial insemination of by means of "twin fission". By acting in this way the researcher usurps the place of God; and, even though he may be unaware of this, he sets himself up as the master of the destiny of others inasmuch as he arbitrarily chooses whom he will allow to live and whom he will send to death and kills defenceless human beings.

Donum Vitae goes on to talk about other issues that relate to procreation and science. A good read and not too hard to understand.

EDIT: If this story is too "over the top", then read about the people in our communities and what they will go through to "get" a baby.

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