Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Good Reminder

This afternoon I went to help sort items at St. Vincent de Paul. I'm not gonna lie, I had to kinda make myself go. I was tired and hungry and not in the "mood" (whatever that means). But I went.

And I'm glad I did.

For 2 whole hours I didn't think of myself, my life, or my to do list. And it was great.

I met new people, thought about the people who would come to the store and benefit from their ministry- what their lives might be like, what their needs might be.

I guess I have to take back that bit about not thinking about myself. I did think about myself - how little I give and how much I have. I give only what I no longer want or need - not much of a sacrifice. And I have so much (believe me, I know, I've been packing all my belongings into boxes for an in-town move.) It was a much needed reminder for me.

This is the beauty of service - it takes our eyes (our thoughts, our worries, etc) off of ourselves. It opens us up to others and in turn to the love of God.

May we all spend some time each day serving others, whether we are in the "mood" or not!

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