Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A Country of Addicts

A new study reports that 30 percent of the adult US population has abused alcohol or suffered from alcoholism. This is a staggering number, especially with 42 percent of men (19% of women) suffering from this problem. That is 4 out of ten men!

It isn't too much to say that combined with the fact that more than 25% of the adult male population of the USA admits to having an addiction to online pornography, in addition more than 20% of Christian men admit to having a problem (somewhere between 50-80% of men 18-24 have a problem with porn), that our country is a country of addictions.

Our society is in chains and the addictions are keeping us from seeing the light. To really go out and help redeem the People of God, we (the Church) needs to address these issues.

Of course, the prevailing attitude is that these things are harmless. So, I must make a distinction. There is nothing wrong wit drinking alcohol in moderation (as long as you are legal). But, there is no such thing as using porn in moderation.

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M S said...

The thing that makes porn (in reality lust addiction, porn is just the whiskey) addiction harder in some ways than alcohol addiction. Sexaholism is an addiction that you work into recovery and still participate in relations is your are married. Alcoholics just never have to deal with alcohol again.

Under the Mercy,