Sunday, June 24, 2007

Traditional Family = "Hate Speech"?

In a recent column, George Will opined about the dangerous future that some of our nation is trying to lead us into. What in particular? Well, recently the City of Oakland, CA. has decided that a group promoting "Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values" is not allowed equal time to post their views on a public email system and on bulletin boards. This is despite the fact that they allowed "Happy Coming Out Day" to use those venues.

The reason this group can't have equal access? Because it creates a "hostile environment" and that such talk violates the city policy that prohibits "discrimination and/or harassment based on sexual orientation". There was one complaint by a woman who felt "excluded" and "targeted".

The city didn't say if the group called "Good News Employee Association" felt excluded or targeted.

On the bright side of things, another Washington Post article stated that the "anything goes" Netherlands is starting to actually question whether allowing unbridled prostitution and drugs is a good thing and that faith and values are actually growing there.

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