Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Road Trip, Part III - Nashville

Our group with some of the Nashville Dominicans

We were blessed to visit the Nashville Dominican sisters. I believe there are five Aggies who are part of the order currently. They are a dynamic and wonderful order full of young women. They are an "active contemplative" order who have a strong community life, a good formation and a charism to teach. We visited their motherhouse that has more than 200 religious sisters living in it. It is huge and a few years ago they added to it. I told their vocations director that they were the "St. Mary's of religious orders" meaning that they were young, dynamic, growing and a model for others.

We were able to get a tour of the non-cloistered parts of their facilities, eat lunch with them and have them sing for us (posted below).

After leaving Nashville, several of our students remarked that there was no other place in Nashville they could think of that they would have preferred to have visited.

After this, it was on to Cincinnati.

St. Cecilia Chapel

The Novitiates and The Postulants attend Class

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