Monday, June 18, 2007

Road Trip, Part IIa - EWTN

We arrived in Birmingham in the afternoon and spent time with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. There is one Aggie in the order, but unfortunately she was not there at the time. We were able to go on a short tour and then pray evening prayer and a rosary with the sisters.

We then went to EWTN and toured the grounds before entering the studio about an hour before the show. We talked to a number of EWTN guests and staff. It was a great time on the show. If you want to view the archived video you can do so on EWTN's website.

Students with Fr. Francis Mary at Life on The Rock.

Some Aggies and other guests of the show

Jacob, me, Joel (back row) - Fr. Curt, Christie, Ben (front row) on the set.

It was a good time at EWTN and the students really were excited to be on TV.

We then spent the night on another floor at a local parish. The parish priest, Fr. Patrick Kennedy, was a great Irish priest who happens to be friends with my former pastor in Lubbock , Fr. Jim O'Connor. So, we had a good time visiting about our Irish friend.

The next morning we had Mass and then got back on the bus and headed to Nashville.

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