Friday, May 4, 2007

Coming Back to the Church

There have been hundreds of Protestant pastors who have become Catholic in the last 15 years or so, many of whom have been high-profiled in the denominations they left. Well, apparently another one has come back to the Church. I say back, because he was raised Catholic and then left. He has now been gone to Confession and is back in full communion with the Catholic Church. His name is Frank Beckwith and he is currently the head of the Evangelical Theological Society, an influential group in Evangelical circles.

This has of course caused great consternation with some, such as James White, who has cried foul, while making the charge that the Catholic Church continues to distort the truth of the Gospel and is merely caught up in "emotions".

Hardly. I haven't met a serious theologian or pastor yet that made the decision to convert merely because of emotions. It came down to a discernment of the truth that they saw in the Catholic Church.

Jimmy Akin broke this story and I am glad that he did.

For more on Protestant pastors becoming Catholic, you can check out the Coming Home Network's website.

If you do go to James White's site, then remember that it is woeful in representing the Catholic position on most everything. It is full of straw-men arguments waiting to be knocked over by him.