Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Nature of God

God’s existence is absolute
  • God is the source of being for all things
  • God is the fullness of being, so in other words, he “is” and must always be…his existence and being are not separate.
God is infinite
  • There is no cause of God’s existence…he is
  • God has no limitations
God is one
  • Because there is no limit to God, there can only be one, because if there were more than one, then God the other God must possess something that the other doesn’t and vice-versa, therefore limiting them.
God is spiritual (simple)
  • Bodies are limited and subject to change, therefore God has no body. Thus, God is spiritual being. He is not limited by space and he has no parts.
God is eternal
  • Just as God isn’t limited by space, neither is He limited by time and thus is eternal therefore he has no beginning of end.
God is transcendent and immanent
  • God’s creation, the universe, must be something that is not God, otherwise He would be limited by it. Therefore He is above all created things and is unchanging this is why
He is Transcendent
  • At the same time, God must exist in all things, because God gives all things their being. This is his immanence.
God is intelligent
  • Because creation has an intelligibility and we can understand it, we can infer that the creator is intelligent.
God is omniscient and omnipotent
  • God knows all and can do all.Otherwise he would be limited.Things such as sin because of free will were given to humans by God and are a sign of his power, not limitations of it.
God is personal
  • A who, not an it.
  • Persons are capable of loving and knowing.
God is free
  • He has no needs, but is complete in and of Himself.
God is good
  • First thing we have to understand is that evil is a lack of good and since God is the source of all that we know as good, even being itself, and there can be no lack of anything in God, God must be all-good, in fact goodness itself. God is, evil is not.