Thursday, April 5, 2007

Benedict XVI on the Triduum

Pope Benedict XVI has in his weekly address said that the Triduum is:
the supreme confrontation between light and darkness, between life and death....Even today Christ vanquishes sin and death with his love. Evil, in all its forms, does not have the last word. The final triumph is that of Christ, of truth and of love.
The news article continued to say:

Speaking about each liturgical event in turn, the Pope said that the Chrism Mass and the Mass of the Lord's Supper-- both celebrated on Holy Thursday-- encourage the faithful to recognize "the supreme triple gift of priestly ministry, the Eucharist, and the new commandment of love."

Good Friday, he continued, is a day of solemn fasting, penance, and prayer, with the Way of the Cross giving the faithful an opportunity "to imprint the mystery of the Cross ever more deeply on our hearts."

Holy Saturday should be a day of "interior meditation," the Pope said-- acknowledging that this is a challenge as the faithful prepare for the Easter celebration. Then at the Easter Vigil, "the veil of sadness shrouding the Church… with be shattered by the cry of victory."

In the Easter Triduum, the Pope said with emphasis, the Church relives "not just a memory but a current reality." Christ is triumphant over sin and death today, the Pope said. "It is upon this certainty that our Christian lives are built."

May we truly live this Holy Triduum as PBXVI (and more importantly, Christ) calls us to. May our prayer be for our conversion to holiness.