Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Trouble With Pornography?

If you have a problem with pornography, it doesn't just go away on its own, and it will probably not be easy to stop. Here are just a few strategies for stopping.

1 - Get rid of all pornography you own. Destroy movies, magazines and dump all electronic images.

2 - Stay off of the computer if it is a temptation. If you have to get on a computer, then do so when other people are around. DO NOT get on the computer for any reason if you are alone and it is a temptation.

3 - Pray more. You must rely on God to deliver you from the problem. If you are addicted, you will not be able to stop by using your own power.

4 - Frequent the Sacraments. The grace you need to conquer the temptations will be found here.

5 - Find an accountability partner. Check in with each other frequently.

6 - Fast. You have had a problem with self-control sexually, but most men have self-control issues in other areas as well.

7 - Avoid the occasions of sin. Think about when, where and how you are tempted. Then think about strategies to avoid these circumstances.

8 - Use holy images. Your mind has been filled with unholy images; fill it with the image of Christ, Mary and saints.

9 - Ask Mary to intercede. It may sound funny, but it is hard to be tempted when asking the Immaculate Mother of God to give you permission.

10 - If you are addicted, you need to find a support group and/or a trained counselor. You will not be able to stop alone. If you aren’t sure whether you are an addict or not, then you should take a self-assessment test to determine the level of your problem.

11 - Find a priest who will give you spiritual guidance and support in your struggles. Go to confession frequently also.

12 - If you are married and your spouse does not know about your problem, you need to talk about it. The problem must be admitted to before it can stop.

13 - Use blocking software to block access on your computer. Also, software at can send an accountability report to your accountability partner.

14 - Read Scripture daily. Let God’s Word penetrate deeply into your life.

15 - Do not suppress the thoughts of temptation, but redeem them. Offer them to Christ through his cross.

16 - Do not drink or use drugs while trying to overcome the temptation.

17 - Don’t beat yourself up after a setback. The devil wants you to give up. Seek forgiveness and start again, no matter how humbling or hard it may be. God always forgives and loves.