Thursday, December 3, 2009


What is your primary vocation? Most Catholics hear the word "vocation" and start thinking of states of life - married, priests, religious, or single. The first thought when a Catholic hears "vocation" is almost always the priesthood / religious life. Afterward they also may include married life and being single. There is nothing wrong with thinking of "vocation" in this way. But, I would like to offer a few thoughts to broaden our view.

Vocation = call. We can explore the word more deeply by looking at vocation as more than just a call from God to a state of life. Before there was time, in the eternal mind of God, He knew what would happen in our lives. He had a meaning and purpose for what would happen at each moment and He desires only what is best for us.

But, more than vocation being what we do with our lives, it is who we are.

With that in mind I want to tell you that vocation is more than living our lives in a certain state of life (i.e., priesthood, religious, married and single). It is about something higher and even better. It is about the call to holiness. The states of life we might live in are the means to the end of holiness.

We are all called to holiness.
The vocation to holiness is for you.
Sainthood is not something merely for the super-religious or pious.

We all need to answer the call to holiness again and again with a resounding "yes" to God and His call to us each as individuals.

Lord help us to choose to say "yes" to holiness.