Monday, October 30, 2006

God and Sport

I used to be a sports nut. I would spend hours a day analzying games and teams. I would read the sports page and know all the teams, players, scores and stats. I would then watch my teams play and then a bunch of games I didn't care too much about. Then, I realized that this had gone too far.

I started to wean myself from sports about 6 years ago. I don't watch too much anymore. I don't talk about it as much or spend much time thinking about them. What happened to me?

It started when I realized the effect all this time and energy was having on my family. Then I started to think about what I was promoting by making sports such an important thing. I knew I had to cut it back.

Sports are too important to too many people in our society. We have made sports an idol and we worship it to the tune of billions and billions of our dollars. It isn't just a fun distraction and good wholesome entertainment anymore. Cheating is touted as okay, as long as you aren't caught. Get all you can now and think only of yourself.

Sport can still be good, but we must be careful to limit ourselves and to temper our reactions. If someone gets depressed all day because a team lost a game, then something is wrong.

I think the Vatican has it right. They have established an office to target sports, but in order to promote what is good in it and to evangelize, not what leads us away from Christ.